2019 Miracle On Kansas Avenue Rescue Run – November 30, 2019

Rescue Run 2019 – 10 from Shaun Collins on Vimeo.

2019 Event Info

Please make plans to join us for the 14th and what may well be the final MKA Rescue Run. Anyone who is interested in providing leadership for the event this year and in future years is encouraged to contact Tony Estes at get-fit@cox.net or 785.213.1727

The 2019 Topeka Rescue Run start and finish lines will still be located near the Topeka Tower and the course will incorporate a portion of our original 4 Mile course as well as portions of our most recent 5K courses.  We will also get up close and personal with our beautiful State Capitol!  The course will be identical to what we’ve run the past four years and some of the race course will follow this years’ parade route.  The race start line is on 6th Avenue just west of Kansas Avenue and the finish line is just north of 6th at 534 S Kansas Avenue.  All runners must complete two laps of the race course and all runners will be electronically timed.  Walkers will have the option of doing one or two laps of the course.  The race course is USATF certified, certification number KS15042KH.

Since you’ll be leading the parade, you’ll receive glow items in your packet and you’re encouraged to wear numerous lights and holiday costumes.  Bring more of your own lights and “light up the night!” Show up, dress up, and let everyone see your holiday spirit!

2019 Event Photos

FREE PHOTOS are available to download from the Rescue Run in 2019!  Click the link below to find you and your friends, and download your free pictures from the 2019 Rescue Run!

All Proceeds Benefit Topeka Rescue Mission Ministries



The Topeka Rescue Mission is a homeless shelter which has served Topeka, Kansas since 1953. TRM is dedicated to providing food, shelter, clothing, training and hope to enslaved or homeless and impoverished men, women and children. In 2018, TRM sheltered 2,021 different people; averaging 267 people each night, provided  479,213 meals, distributed 20,558 household items to 2,434 homes, and served Christmas gifts and food baskets to 3,231 people, including 1,367 children.  In 2018, 66% of the total TRM income was received from individuals, 11% from businesses and 8% from churches.

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