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You can be a part of the Miracle On Kansas Avenue by running and/or walking on part of the actual parade route, in the MKA Rescue Run starting at 5:00PM; one hour before the MKA parade begins.   All runners will do two loops of the parade route (3.1 miles total) from the start line located south of the Topeka Tower building in the 100 block of SW 6th Ave, to the finish line located just north of 6th Ave at 534 S Kansas Ave.  All walkers may do one loop of the route (1.5 miles total) or two loops (3.1 miles total), starting at 5:00PM and will finish at the same location as the runners.  All Rescue Run entrants who do both laps will either finish or exit the course prior to the 6:00PM start of the Miracle on Kansas Avenue Parade.


Walkers will not be issued timing chips nor will they be officially timed, however; they can note their finish time on the timing clock located at the finish line.

All runners will be timed with electronic chips. Each runner will receive their timing chip already attached to their bib number at the registration table in the Topeka Tower on Friday afternoon from noon to 3PM or on Saturday afternoon from 2 to 4PM (For packet pickup information, please read the Registration Info.)

Any person who picks up multiple packets for MKA Rescue Run registrants at the packet pickup is instructed to confirm that each runner receives the bib number that has been assigned to that specific participant. Failure to do so will create improper participant timing and could adversely affect the official race results.

Packet Pick Up and Late Registration will conclude at 4:00 PM on Race Day. Any non pre-registered runner who registers after 4:00 PM will be issued a bib number but will not be issued a timing chip and thus will not be officially timed.

MKA Rescue Run runners should confirm that the single use, disposable timing chip is attached to their bib number when obtaining the number at the packet pickup table. DO NOT FOLD OR PIN THROUGH THE TIMING CHIP STRIP as this will damage the strip and prevent it from accurately registering the runner’s finish time. As the chip is attached to the bib number, THE BIB NUMBER MUST BE WORN ON THE FRONT OF EVERY RUNNER ON TOP OF ALL CLOTHING AT ALL TIMES DURING THE RUN. Do not wear the bib number underneath any clothing (including jackets) or on the side or the back as this could prevent the timing chip from accurately registering the runner’s finish time. As the chip is a single use disposable chip, there is no need to remove it at the finish line or worry about having to pay a lost chip fee.


  • All preregistered participants will receive a technical T-shirt with their entry fee. Late entrants cannot be guaranteed T-shirt availability. Entries received on race day and up to two weeks before race day are considered Late.
  • Awards will be presented to the top three overall male and female finishers, to the first male and female Masters finishers (age 40-49), to the first male and female Grand Masters finishers (age 50-59), and to the first male and female Senior Grand Masters finishers (over 60).
  • Age group awards will be presented to the first three male and female finishers in the following age group categories: 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-15, 16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80 & up.
  • Runners in the Rescue Run will compete for awards in all Overall, Age Group, and Team categories.
  • Overall Winners and any runner who sets a new Course Record, a new State Record, or qualifies for the Kansas Road Racing Honor Roll, will have their entry fee waived for next year’s MKA Rescue Run.

Door Prizes!

All participants are eligible to win any of the door prizes that have been provided by our generous area merchants.

Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony will be presented in the Topeka Tower lobby at approximately 5:50 pm or earlier if possible.  Overall awards will be presented at the awards ceremony and Age Group medals will be distributed at the awards table as soon as the official results are available and posted.

Rules and Safety Guidelines

  • Any person who registers as a RUNNER (Timed) MUST COMPLETE BOTH LAPS of the race course. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of any registered runner who completes only one lap.  If you are unsure of your ability to complete two laps or know that you will likely complete only one lap of the race course, please register as a WALKER (Not Timed). Walkers are allowed to run, walk, or run and walk one OR both laps of the race course. Walkers will not be officially timed and as such will not compromise the accuracy of the official race results.
  • As the Rescue Run course will be crowded with participants, all walkers are instructed to walk in the left-hand lane(s) of traffic (against normal traffic flow on two-way streets) at all times. Walkers are asked walk no wider than groups of four abreast. Runners who are being lapped in the Rescue Run are to remain in the far right (driving) lane of traffic (to the right of the faster runners who are passing on the left). Faster runners are instructed to run in the left (passing) lane (with the normal flow of traffic) whenever possible and applicable while passing other runners. The only exception is on northbound Kansas Avenue when the faster runners are completing their second lap and are lapping the slower runners who are completing their first lap.  Slower runners are then instructed to stay to the left side of their lane in order to turn onto 6th Ave to begin their second lap.
  • For insurance purposes and the safety of all involved, runners are not allowed to push strollers. Walkers may do so as long as they start at the rear of the pack and do not block the progress of any runners at any time during the event.
  • ALL participants are required to wear their race number, visible on their front side at all times during the event.
  • ALL participants are instructed to position themselves in the proper area of the pack at the start line so as to not impede the progress of faster participants who might inadvertently line up behind them.
  • NO participant may wear headsets, earphones, or IPOD’s, skates or rollerblades, or bring animals or bikes on the race course at any time during the event.
  • The race course will be closed to all vehicle traffic until the parade starts at 6:00 pm, however; please be aware and alert for spectators who may get in the way as they attempt to travel to their preferred position along the parade route.
  • Pursuant to instructions by the Topeka Police Dept: all participants are instructed to perform all warm-up and cool-down activities on the sidewalks and not on any portion of the streets on the race course.
  • All participants must sign and date the waiver and correctly complete the mail in registration for or register online.
  • As this is a charity-based event benefitting the Topeka Rescue Mission and wholly operated by unpaid volunteers, there are NO REFUNDS.

Course Map

Click to read course directions Rescue Run Course Directions

Click on the image to see full size version.

5K Course Records

Open Male –                         Chris Melgares   14:57     2014
Open Female –                   Sydney Messick   17:20     2011
Masters Male –                        Kevin Miller    16:34     2011
Masters Female –             Michelle Andrew   19:13    2012, 2016
Grand Masters Male –               Keith Long    17:41    2014
Grand Masters Female –    Marla Rhoden    22:51    2010
Senior Masters Male –              Jay O’Neill    19:37    2014
Senior Masters Female –        Terry Olson   23:34    2014


Free parking will be available in the area north of 6th street east from Topeka Blvd, and in other areas east and southeast of the start and finish lines which are located at or near 6th and Kansas Ave. Free parking is also available in the Topeka Tower parking garage at the north end of the tower building, accessible from Kansas Avenue before 4:00 pm and after the parade ends, along with ample parking in the Townsite Plaza parking garage, accessible from 5th Street east of Kansas Avenue before 4:00 or anytime from 6th Ave west of Quincy as well as the City parking garages in the 600 and 700 blocks of SE Quincy or at 500 S Jackson. Early arrival is recommended as many parade goers will be seeking those same parking spots.

The MKA Parade will begin on Kansas Avenue north of the Topeka Tower.  Once the parade reaches the 500 block of S Kansas Avenue, you will be unable to cross Kansas Avenue to go west, nor will you be able to exit the Topeka Tower parking garage from Kansas Avenue until the parade has passed by.  Please keep this in mind when parking your vehicle before the Rescue Run. Please note that the TPD will close the entire race course/parade route to vehicle traffic starting at approximately 3:00 pm.


A post-race meal will be provided courtesy of area merchants for all registered participants inside the Topeka Tower lobby immediately following the conclusion of the race .

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