Registration Categories

Your two primary choices of registration are:

Runner – If you register as a RUNNER you will be eligible to:

  • Record an official finish time via your timing chip in order to be listed in the official race results
  • Receive any overall or age group awards due to you as a result of your performance
  • Run, Walk, or do a combination of both running and walking
  • Complete BOTH laps of the race course starting at 5:00 p.m.
  • Participate in Team Competition

As a runner you understand that you must complete BOTH LAPS of the race course or you will be disqualified from the event and will not record an official finish time or be eligible to receive any awards.

Walker – If you register as a WALKER you:

  • Will be eligible to run OR walk, OR do a combination of both running and walking in the Rescue Run starting at 5:00 p.m.
  • Will NOT wear a timing chip or record an official finish time but you may note your time by the clock located at the finish line
  • Will NOT be eligible to receive any awards
  • Will NOT be eligible to participate in Team Competition

As a Walker you understand that you have the option to complete one lap or both laps of the course and that you must exit the course prior to the start of the MKA Parade at 6:00 p.m.

If you are unsure of your ability or know that you won’t be able to complete both laps of the event, please register as a Walker. Walkers are allowed to run, walk, or run and walk, one lap or both laps; and being registered as a Walker means that you won’t record an official finish time and thus will not adversely affect the accuracy of the official results if you only complete one lap.

Team Competition – for Youth and Adult Runners

Team competition is a secondary option for runners only as only runners are officially timed. Traveling trophies will be awarded to the 1st place team in both Corporate Team and Church Member Team categories. Teams must consist of a minimum of five team members and the fastest combined finish time of the fastest three members of each team will determine the winner in both categories. Team members are also eligible to receive any applicable overall or age group award that they may receive as a result of their performance.  Only RUNNER entrants are eligible to compete in team competition.

Want to Join Us, Just Not Able to be Here on Race Day?

No worries! Register for the event in the Non-Competition Walker Category and let us know that you won’t be here on race day.  We can make arrangements for you to get your packet and you can “virtually” run or walk with us wherever you are!

The Rescue Run Lights up Downtown! It’s a Glow Run!

The Rescue Run serves as the leadoff for the Miracle on Kansas Avenue Parade.  All parade participants are required to be illuminated as they travel the MKA Parade route, so we provide Rescue Run participants with glow objects in the participant packets.  Glow objects will be provided at no additional cost to participants and all participants are required to wear at least one illuminated item as they run or walk in the Rescue Run starting at 5 p.m.   Anyone interested in doing so is encouraged to wear as many lights as possible.  More than just a glow run, we will lead the parade as we offer “Light and Hope to the Homeless and Hungry!”

The MKA Parade will again begin in the 300 block of S Kansas Avenue.  Shortly after 6:00 PM when the parade reaches the 500 block of S Kansas Avenue, you will be unable to cross Kansas Avenue to go west, nor will you be able to exit the Topeka Tower parking garage from Kansas Avenue.  If you park inside the parade perimeter after 3:00, you will likely be required to remain in that perimeter (6th to 10th, Kansas to Jackson) until the conclusion of the parade.  Please keep this in mind when parking your vehicle before the Rescue Run.

The best option for parking will be to utilize the Townsite Plaza parking garage, accessible on the north side, from eastbound 5th St, just east of Kansas Ave or on the south side from westbound 6th Ave, just west of Quincy.  All Townsite Plaza parking garage traffic will exit the east side of the garage onto Monroe, thus avoiding the parade traffic.  Free parking is also available in the City Parking garages located in the 600 and 700 blocks of SE Quincy, or at 500 S Jackson.

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